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Components snapshots from the final design system

Components snapshots from the final design system

The challenge

Create a comprehensive design system to support a long-term development and empower future designs for a national fire danger product


I crafted and delivered a design system with a tailored structure covering 2 products and 6 major experiences within 2.5 weeks.


This case study focuses on the final part of the Australia Fire Danger Rating System project with a foundation of 9 weeks of discovering, creating concepts and shaping strategies.

I was solely responsible for creating and delivering the final design system.


"I have never worked with designs that are so thought-through from a development perspective. Having the entire scope and grid laid out in front of me, I can stop over-engineering when I am developing. I am blown away by the level of details and am really happy about the design system."

— Front end developer from Geoplex

In this case study

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Scope and flow




Pages in the final design system

Pages in the final design system


The simple truth is that with a upfront design approach and a short time frame, our team at Today was never going to design or foresee every single screen, interaction or state. Therefore, our goal is to:

1. Provide clarity in experiences, state and flow

2. Create a solid foundation for implementation and spinning up new designs